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Efficacy of Psychological Therapies in Patients With Functional Bowel Disorders

November 5, 2019


Indiana University is holding a clinical trial that analyzes the numerous factors that may contribute to functional bowel movement in healthy individuals. These factors include bowel symptoms, quality of life, and personal attributes.


Study Information

Those who participate will complete 6 survey-based questionnaires online. Afterwards, they will be monitored on bowel symptoms and quality of life while participating in a 12-week therapy program. They also will record their bowel symptoms in a bowel diary and attend sessions with a GI psychologist. 


Inclusion Criteria

  • All sexes, ages 18 and older
  • For the survey part of the study: Patients with a history of constipation, will be tested for dyssynergic defecation, a condition where there is a problem in the way certain nerves and muscles function in the pelvic floor
  • For the monitoring section: Patients with a history of constipation with or without dyssynergic defecation and a positive history of EALs, a disease of obliterative vasculopathy or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


Exclusion Criteria

For the survey section:

  • Currently hospitalized

For the monitoring section:

  • Patients who have bipolar disorder
  • Patients at risk for harm to themselves or others
  • Unable to follow orders
  • History of organic brain disease
  • Patient using illicit substances
  • Pregnant or postpartum patients
  • Homeless or lacking sufficient social support for follow-up care
  • Patients with acute stress disorder
  • Patients with or severe PTSD



You may participate in this study at the University of Indiana in Indianapolis, Indiana 46202. If you may have any questions feel free to contact Carolyn J. Lockett at 317-278-9296 or at You may also contact Anita Gupta at 317-948-9227 or at



This study is sponsored by the University of Indiana with Andrea S. Shin as the Principal Investigator.

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